Setting up a VNC server on Raspberry Pi using tightvncserver

This article covers a step by step how-to dealing with the setup of a remote desktop alternative on Raspberry Pi. The complete setup is meant to be used as the user pi. Take care of it, if you like to set it up for another user. Prerequisites Running Raspian How-to Install tightvncserver: sudo apt-get install … Read more

Providing 802.1X authentication with FreeRADIUS and PEAPv0/EAP-MSCHAPv2 support over a Raspberry Pi

This article covers a step by step how-to dealing with the right orchestration of some software components that can help to secure for example a guest network at your home. Because of the lightweight software usually an older Raspberry Pi model will be fine for the job. Most of the following steps will just be … Read more

OpenWRT – How to create a public network without using the wan interface

The goal is to build a public network (guest WLAN, hotspot, call it as you like it) with restricted access: Only several services are allowed (e.g. surfing). Clients from network 1 ( shall not be able to communicate with hosts of network 2 ( and vise versa. Most of the tutorials for OpenWRT only cover … Read more

A VBA helper class for regular expressions

Below you can see a helpful class for regular expressions made for Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). First of all an example of usage: Private Sub doREx() Dim v_RExArray As Variant Dim v_REx As String Dim i as Integer v_REx = “\bblog\b)” v_String = “You’re on Steven’s blog because you like Steven’s blog” v_RExArray = … Read more

A C# helper class for database access for various providers

If you need an module that helps you setting up quick access to multiple database providers, you will be very lucky with this code. I recognized it on Here is the DBHelper class: /* Copyright Code4Forever 2012. All rights reserved. Visit for more information about us. */ using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Text; … Read more