Running VirtualBox and Hyper-V Technology Together on the Same Windows Host Demonstrated by the Example of Proxmox With Child VMs in VirtualBox

Problem Let’s break down the stated problem from the general part to the more specific aspects. The general problem is having Hyper-V features enabled on a Windows host (because you want to use Docker for Windows or in my case WSL2) while also running virtualization using VirtualBox on the exact same machine. Without wanting to … Read more

Proxmox – Block Incoming Traffic to Proxmox Hosts on Standard Ports Like SSH/22 and Use Non Standard Ports Instead

Problem There are good reasons that you might want a specific service to listen to a port number that is different from the “standard” port. By standard I mean like port 22 for SSH or 80 for HTTP. Like when you have multiple webserverers running on the same host that cannot share port 80 with … Read more

Proxmox – Change and Apply Network Interface Configuration via Command Line Interface

Problem When you need to change the network configuration of your Proxmox hosts you probably want to do that via the web interface. Most of the times. But then there are situations when you need to make changes directly to the /etc/network/interfaces file for example. Like when you need to add post-up iptable commands. Then … Read more