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Hi there,

thank you for visiting my weblog. Hopefully you’re not just only a ***SPAM*** bot but an interested reader:-) On this site I want to share information about any IT trumpery with which I am concerned, if I have nothing else to do. Use it and make your own knowledge out of it. But use it on your own risk.
The content is held mostly pragmatic and without adding basic knowledge. It covers information I did not (or not in the needed depth) find anywhere out there.

Who am I?
Althoug my name may suggest otherwise I am a German guy 😉

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  1. Hi Steve,

    My name is Arturo. I am trying to use your REST wrapper with the x3270 emulator with the httpd option but I am getting an error (Protocol error) in the view tracer.

    I start the x3270 terminal with the following line and I get the green screen from host indicating a connection is established:
    wc3270 -trace -model 3278-2 -httpd 6001 +S -utf8

    I then go to the browser and type:

    The result is a 400 response. The host view tracer receives the request but displays a protocol error (see view tracer response below). I trace the error back to the httpd-io.c of the x3270 terminal code, but I have not been able to identify the root of the problem and I am lost at this point.

    Also, I get the same response if I create a .Net API client in c# using your x32709 REST Wrapper

    I would really appreciate any input or recommendation you can provide on how to best troubleshoot this problem.



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