Use Google Photos’ Unlimited Free Storage for (Multiple) Devices That Are No Pixel Phones and for a Longer Timespan Than the Typical Pixel Phone Life Expectancy

This guide was created as part of my search for a durable and secure solution to store my photos and videos. The solution described below is an interim solution to give me more time to find a solution that is even more suitable for me. For more background information read the post mentioned above. Problem … Read more

My Way to Find a Reliable Solution to Store All My Important Photos and Videos

Oh man, what an annoying perpetual topic. Backing up your own photos… MEGA IMPORTANT and at the same time a MEGA SENSITIVE topic… If you’re like me and have already accumulated a few years with all kinds of memories in the form of photos, then you probably know the following evolution: Stage 1: In the … Read more

Workaround for Android error „The connection pool for database ‘/data/user/0/’ has been unable to grant a connection to thread X (ContactsProviderWorker) …“

If you are living with Android Version 4.x or Cyanogenmod 10.x then you maybe recognize problems with some apps that want to retrieve data from the contacts database (contacts2.db). Remarkable indicators concerning my phone were: Contact app did not find any contact Other apps lacked or hung Enormous battery drain The error stays for quite … Read more